Frequently asked Questions

What is a Soul Purge? 

A soul purge is a method of removing negative, evil and unwanted energy that has attached to the body, and is lingering around the home. It is easy for this energy to go unnoticed, because we would typically blame our hardship, struggle, misery, depression and even anxiety on the turnouts of our daily routine.

What we don’t see, is the spiritual influence in what we are going through. Whether you believe in spirit or not does not matter and does not have anything to do with whether or not it is affecting your progress and life. Parasitic energy needs to feed, therefore this energy will cause more havoc so it can continue to feed off whatever negativity emotion you give. For example; you may have a situation where you cannot find a job. The more depressed, worried and frustrated you get the more this parasite will feed from you.

Your thinking it’s you but it’s really a blockage being caused by this energy. This kind of pattern is very real and effects us financially, emotionally, in matters of love, spiritually, and even physically when we are trying to heal. It puts up blockages preventing any progress in any of these areas causing severe depression, anxiety, and even suicidal thoughts in some.

 The fastest, most efficient way to remove it completely is through a Soul Purge. Also, because a Soul Purge eliminates all negativity and parasitic energy from the heart mind body and soul it also raises the level of vibration in the body. This is the “lighter” feeling spoken so much about in the reviews. 


How do I know I need a Soul Purge? 

I highly recommend everyone receive a Soul Purge. Especially if you have ever had any major loss, divorced, currently struggling financially, mentally and emotionally. If you seem to always take one step forward two steps back in life. Also, if you’re life has always seemed hard and difficult, where nothing seems to go right for you. If you have ever had any drug/substance abuse, depression, and anxiety.

One major indication of parasitic energy around you, is everything in your life is currently falling apart. From your job, relationship, car breaking down and items breaking in your home all at once. This is a very strong indicator that you have aggressive negative energy around you and need to a soul purge to remove it immediately. 


How long does it take to see results?

The action of the Soul Purge will normally happen immediately once Chaela Bre completes it. Most people feel the results within 72 hours, however the process can take up to a week. Never more than a week ( Except for special cases). It is also likely to feel the results within 24 hours. 


What can I expect after getting any spellwork done? 

Within the week of your Soul Purge, expect to feel lighter, have more focus, clarity and overall peace. Some experiencing less physical pain. Physical purging may also occur (diarrhea/crying/vomiting) as unwanted energy makes its way out. You might also notice opportunities opening up, and others treating you better, due to blockages being removed. Depression, anger and anxiety will be significantly reduced and peace of mind restored. Your overall vibration will be significantly raised. 


Can I get a Soul Purge for a loved one without them knowing? 

Yes, all that is needed is their name and birthday. It does not matter if they believe in this or not. It will still work and applies to everyone. Sometimes our loved ones need a little help. It’s OK to give someone that gift of love that they need in times of hardship, pain and struggle. What most people do not understand about the spirit world is that these parasitic energies will talk you out of getting help. Which is why some people cannot find their way out of their hardship or misery. I encourage others to step up, where your loved one may not be able to. They will thank you later. 


Does this have anything to do with “dark/black” magic?

No, not one bit. 

Will this backfire or will I receive bad karma? 

Absolutely not! You have the right to cleanse your heart, body, and soul of things blocking your progress. 


Can this be done on children? 

Definitely yes! I encourage parents to cleanse your children. I have been very successful at giving troubled teens, and children with serious behavioral issues. Most parents don’t know, that children actually carry allot of negative energy and can greatly benefit from a Soul Purge. Otherwise, this parasitic energy tends to stay with children longer, throughout adolescence then adulthood, and can unfortunate create developmental issues within this time. I highly recommend children at least grade school and up, that are showing signs of behavioral challenges to get a Soul Purge. 


What if I am pregnant?

Yes, pregnant women can receive a Soul Purge. It is just as safe as walking in a church. Or praying at the altar. Cleansing yourself, your body and your soul and creating a clean and healthy portal for your child is actually a responsibility. 


Does it matter where I live? 

No, so purge has clients all over the world. All that is needed, is your name and birthday. It is not necessary to be local or mail anything, all information is done online.


Is there anything I have to do on my part after I give my information and pay? 

Once a payment is made you will receive an email confirming your scheduled spellwork, and you will automatically be put on the schedule to be completed on the day of the ceremony.